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My first taste of deep, painful grief was when my cousin died. I was ten years old and I was shocked to my core. No one in my family was able to help me to understand the pain I was feeling as they were immersed in their own grief.There was no opportunity for any professional counseling as a child in 1963.

Several years later I began to search for an understanding and release of the traumatic emotional experience which I had pushed down deep inside me.

Intrigued by discovering the world of psychology I decided to educate myself to become a skilled therapist and counsellor in order to help others.

I qualified first as a Social Worker, studying for four years at Sydney University and then many years later as a Primary School Counsellor.

Over the course of my career I have also undertaken significant training in Humanistic Psychology, Play Therapy and Art Therapy.

I have now spent thirty five years working with literally thousands of adults and children who have experienced some form of trauma when they were young.

I have listened to many stories from adults of their various traumatic childhood experiences and when neglected, the confusion and pain that festered and grew until it became so crippling they had no choice but to seek help as adults.


I offer a safe, creative environment in my counselling room and garden for children to express themselves through guided, therapeutic play.

This provides an opportunity for them to begin to understand and integrate their thoughts and feelings before they become entrenched in patterns such as various forms of anxiety or unresolved anger.If left unexplored these emotions will impact in a negative way on their experience of childhood and their healthy development into adulthood.

I also offer Family Therapy sessions and guidance to parents on how to deal with challenging family situations and how to help their children work through difficulties, whatever they may be.