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TopAnxiety and Emotional Disorders

These are disorders in which the basic feature is abnormally high levels of anxiety.

This anxiety may not always be expressed directly

Anxiety disorders can include panic disorder, social phobia, separation anxiety disorder, school refusal, simple phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and generalised anxiety disorder.

In children, anxiety disorders are distinct from conduct disorders in which the primary symptom is antisocial behaviour

Children do not usually talk about being anxious but may generally react in one of three ways with:

  • anger responses
  • fear reactions
  • freeze behaviours

More girls are usually affected than boys especially after puberty but findings also suggest that younger boys are more prone to these disorders than older boys.

There are many causes but genetics may play and important role.

Anxiety and depression account for close to 50% of mental health problems in the community

Anxiety problems often precede depressive disorders

Most anxiety disorders begin in childhood and early adolescence

Earlier detection and intervention is critical to managing these disorders and lessening their long term impact.