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I would like to express my thanks for the wonderful work you have done with Jacob. I have noticed improvements and progress . In fact today a child care worker at Jacobs ’s after school care centre approached me and said he has noticed Jacob is having fewer melt downs and is following things more easily. That is great feedback. Thanks again Philippa and I really appreciate your help. I know Jacob certainly has enjoyed his time with you and it has been extremely positive for him.

- Tracy , single mother of Jacob ,who has had severe health problems after almost dying after the birth of Jacob’s younger sister. She has had several stays in hospital which have left Jacob anxious and insecure, struggling to concentrate and to settle at school.

I wish I could keep coming to see Philippa until I am an old man with a walking stick.

- Toby (6) whose mum and step dad are fighting for custody over him and his half sister. Toby is frightened of his step father and also angry with him that he has been very aggressive and threatening to his mother.

I loved my times with Philippa because she played with me. She didn’t ask me too many questions. She listened to me. Sometimes we didn’t talk at all. We played. I loved Battleships and the sand tray and there was a fairy tent in the garden where I would go. I feel better.

- Jordan (6) who came because he was being bullied at school and was having nightmares and experiencing anxiety about going to school

Philippa helped me so much after my parents split up and I had seen them fighting. After a long time I was able to talk about when my dad hit my mum and I was so frightened that I hid in my room and didn’t want to go to school. We drew pictures and I made things with clay and I used to love to go and see her. She never told me what I said was wrong or silly and she just listened and cared about me. It helped a lot.

- Jamie (12) talking about when his parents separated when he was 8 years old.

We bounced a big blue ball because that was what I loved to do while we talked and I learned new ways to get exercise and to remember what it felt like to be happy. She let me talk about how sad I am that my little brother is autistic and that I can’t play with him the same way my friends do with their brothers and sisters. I got to feel good again for the first time in ages. My mum and dad would talk to her too.

- Cayden (12)

I was so angry and confused because my parents had given me up and I was in foster care. I was yelling at my foster mum and having temper tantrums. I was in trouble a lot at school. Playing and talking with Philippa was so good as I was able to act out some of my feelings. I made pictures in the sand tray using little toys she had to put in the sand. Once my step mum came and Philippa helped us talk to each other about how to help me with my temper. I drew my bad dream and then it wasn’t so scary.

- Jason (10)

I was always daydreaming at school and not listening to what the teacher said. I am not good at school but I am really good at art. Philippa had so many fun things for me to do and I was able to make things with clay and paint that helped me feel better because my parents were always fighting and I was often frightened and I would get all dreamy. She read me a story about a boy who got worried about lots of things like me and we made worry dolls for me and my sister and my mum and dad. I was sad when I had to stop going because I had the best time. She helped me a lot.

- Anneke (8)

My mum died of cancer last year. Before she died she had lots of chemo and her hair fell out. That made me frightened. Philippa and I made worry dolls and I made one for me and I gave one to my mum with long hair to make her happy. When I had to go to her funeral we drew pictures of stars and angels and I gave them to my mum. I wrote Philippa a letter which said I Love You. My mum and dad came to see her with me sometimes and we all cried, even Philippa. Then we laughed. I gave her a present.

- Aleesha (8)